Planning an Event?

Planning an event is not easy. It is like having a part time job on top of everything else going on in your life. There are so many details that need to come together, coordinated, and executed the day of.  You need to ask yourself,  who is going take care of all of these details? What if additional guests show up the day of? What if the linens are the wrong color? What if we are running late? What if there is inclement weather and my event is outdoors? What if a vendor does not show up?

Do you really want to worry about the “What Ifs”, the day of your event? No matter how much time you spend planning, situations often occur.  The question is how are YOU going to be able handle any mishaps that might occur before and during your event. Would you know what to do if something should happen? Do you have a plan B? Hmm….A lot to think about…. Maybe I should hire an event planner. Lisa Pierce Events team of expert event planners will problem solve quickly and effortlessly. We are known as your Stress Relievers!

Many people have misconceptions about hiring an event planner or coordinator. Most often it is the cost. We all have heard Time is Money, right?  Where to start…..What is the vision of your event? How much time is it going to take to research every vendor you need to plan your event? Are you going stress the day of that all the pieces will come together for your event? Wouldn’t it be nice to start out already having the knowledge of who the best vendors in the industry are for your needs, budget, etc.? Lisa Pierce Events has strong relationships with a network of vetted vendors. You will have choices of vendors in every category and we will guide you on where to splurge and where to save. Lisa Pierce Events saves our clients money.  We negotiate with vendors on behalf of our clients and we extend our planning discounts on furniture, linens rentals, etc. We are transparent! Our clients see all costs and invoices pertaining to their event. Because we do not accept any kickbacks from vendors, we look out for YOUR best interest.

Lisa Pierce Events will same you time, money, and most of all stress.  The truth of the matter is that being present at your event is priceless. Nothing makes LPE happier than watching our clients celebrating and enjoying their event. That is what it is all about. Taking it all in and seeing your vision come to life.  We are passionate about event planning and our clients are like family!

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